Reconditioned Pallets

Reconditioned or Recycled Pallets are the most economical purchase solution. We offer several different grades based on various quality criteria. All pallets are repaired by hand by our experienced staff and industry standards are strictly followed. All pallets are kept in stock and available for immediately delivery.

* 48 x 40 - A1 - Club Store

---- A clean pallet with minimal repairs meeting most club store specifications. All pallets contain at least 5.5" of coverage on the ends of the top and bottom of the pallet.

* 48 x 40 - A

---- Pallets generally will have more repairs than the A1. Pallets may contain 3.5" or 5.5" of coverage on ends of top and bottom.

* 48 x 40 - B

---- Pallets have had several repairs and at least one of the stringers needed repair. A companion stringer (plug) is inserted next to the stringer in need of repair. Deckboard configurations can vary from pallet to pallet.