Pallet Design and Optimization

Cutler Bros. has been manufacturing pallets since they became a prominent labor saving device after World War II. Our vast knowledge about pallets is second to none in our industry. We have manufactured and shipped virtually every type of pallet, to every type of industry, for every application possible, since pallets became a staple in material handling in this country.

In conjunction with our industry leading expertise, Cutler Bros. utilizes Pallet Design System (PDS) software to help facilitate pallet designs and maintain comprehensive drawings and analysis of all pallets we manufacture. PDS has many functionalities, but mainly to help ensure we are providing a strong, lightweight, and cost-friendly pallet that is tailored to our customers specific needs. Below are some highlights of the PDS software and how beneficial it can be for your pallet program.

- Reduces costs by ensuring the pallet is not overdone for your application and the proper materials are used in the construction process. This includes analysis of all lumber types, including moisture contents of the lumber and fasteners used to assemble the pallet.

- Ensures pallet performance by detailing the description of the unit load and handling conditions to accurately predict the pallets load bearing performance

- Improves safety by implementing design improvements to reduce or eliminate product damage, equipment shutdowns, or injuries.

- Provides detailed design drawings and analysis so customers have a better grip on their pallet design for their production needs and can approve if it works for them before it is put into use.